Legend – Chinese Culture and Music Festival

  20:00-21:30传奇-中国文化音乐节-4月10日 周三 20:00-21:30

20:00h 开幕 协会及嘉宾介绍
20:10h 《生命的诞生-阴阳》艺术展
表演者:Bruno Tombolato、Sayta;特别邀请:空艺术创始人Hong
20:30h 如何看待生命的孕育-观众嘉宾互动探讨
邀请嘉宾:Pablo Martinez de Anguita教授、空艺术创始人Hong、Ignacio Saavedra Inaraja教授、AKUNA基金会主席Lucila Romarate-Zabala Dominguez、Wang Tang Lee Jen黎万棠教授(待定)等

21:00h 中国传统音乐会
表演者:Gloria、Ecos de Jade
21:20h 共同祝福、未来计划及自由交流

Legend – Chinese Culture and Music Festival – April 10 Wednesday 20:00-21:30

20:00h Opening Association and Guests Introduction
20:10h Art Exhibition of «Birth of Life-Yin and Yang»
Performers: Bruno Tombolato, Sayta; Special Invitation: Kong Art Founder Hong
20:30h How to Understand the Birth of Life under Different Categories (Culture, Discipline, Identity, etc.)
Invited guests: Prof. Pablo Martinez de Anguita, founder of the Kong Art Hong, Professor Ignacio Saavedra Inaraja, President of the AKUNA Foundation Lucila Romarate-Zabala Dominguez, Professor Wang Tang Lee Jen(to be determined), and others

21:00h Chinese traditional concert
Performers: Gloria, Ecos de Jade
21:20h blessing, future planning and free communication

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